About Us

The Charles County Arts Alliance (CCAA) was founded in 1987 with the goal of stimulating, promoting, encouraging, and providing recognition of the arts and the creative spirit in Charles County, MD. For twenty-five years we’ve worked towards this goal by providing a variety of events, workshops, and services designed to help Charles County artists and arts organizations succeed and thrive, such as:


Jewelry for sale at River Artsfest ArtsFest is an annual festival featuring musicians, artists and performers from across the state, attracting nearly 2,000 visitors each year. This year, ArtsFest will be held on the beautiful greens surrounding the La Plata Town Hall. Hope to see you there, Saturday, June 7, 2014 from 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm!

CCAA Grants

Over the last 26 years the CCAA has distributed more than $500,000 in funding to schools and organizations in Charles County for arts projects that enhance our county’s culture and inspire its residents to explore the diverse arts community present in its own backyard. For more information, see our Grants page

The CCAA Newsflash

CCAA Arts NewsflashThe CCAA Newsflash is a weekly email publication that announces upcoming arts events, performances, and contests in Charles County. A subscription to the Newsflash is free, and available to anyone in Charles County who wishes to receive it.

The CCAA Arts Insider Newsletter

The Arts Insider is a monthly newsletter that announces upcoming events and performances for the month, and also includes updates about the organization, and about the state of the arts in Maryland at large. An email subscription to the Arts Insider is free for our members, while a hard copy (postal mail) subscription to the newsletter is available to members for a fee.


Each year, CCAA awards seven scholarships to one graduating senior from each of our six Charles County high schools and one freshman student at the College of Southern Maryland. In FY 2015 we are planning to assist these seven future artists with an individual $1,000 Scholarship. Check with your school’s guidance office if you are interested in applying for the CCAA scholarship.

The CCAA does all of this in addition to the support it offers the Charles County arts community throughout the year. Like what you’ve seen so far? Then consider donating to our cause, or joining the CCAA so that you too can help move the arts forward.

About the CCAA Logo

Our new CCAA logo features a new look for “Artsy,” our nickname for the central figurine that creates the letter “A” in the words “Arts” and “Alliance.” The new logo depicts Artsy as an artist’s figurine used in drawing classes to teach art students basic human anatomy and form. We believe this logo clearly communicates the “arts” focus of our nonprofit organization.