Happy New Year! Happy New Logo and New Mascot!

The Charles County Arts Alliance is ringing in the New Year with a new look! Out with the old, and in with the new!

During our 25th Anniversary Year in 2012, the CCAA Board of Directors decided to officially “retire” our current CCAA logo and mascot, and replace both with a new, more contemporary, and brighter look for our organization. Our current logo has been great, and it has stood the test of time — we’ve enjoyed using it since the 1990’s. But time marches on . . . and we decided that a new, fresher look would be a wonderful way to close out our yearlong celebration of our Silver Jubilee, and kick-off the next 25 years of our organization!

Just for fun, we launched our new logo and new mascot with “unveiling” ceremonies at two locations in Charles County during 2012: at the Charles County Fair in September, and at our CCAA 25th Anniversary Gala in November. We received a warm response from the public and our members at each location, and we decided to make the transition official on January 1, 2013!

Our new CCAA logo features a new look for “Artsy,” our nickname for the central figurine that creates the letter “A” in the words “Arts” and “Alliance.” The prior logo depicted Artsy as a “stick” figure representing the five areas of the arts: music, visual art, drama, dance and literature. The new logo depicts Artsy as an artist’s figurine used in drawing classes to teach art students basic human anatomy and form. We believe this logo clearly communicates the “arts” focus of our nonprofit organization.

Our new CCAA mascot features Artsy in 3-D form. No longer a cloth puppet, he is now made of solid wood. You will see our new Artsy mascot on display around the county in the coming year at our various CCAA sponsored events — please be on the lookout! Both our new logo and new mascot are bright red in color to increase our marketing potential. We hope you like our new logo and new mascot for the Charles County Arts Alliance!