The Charles County Arts Alliance (CCAA) is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors.  CCAA Board members lead our nonprofit organization and manage its day-to-day operations.  The Board of Directors is a “hands-on” Board with many duties and responsibilities to keep the CCAA “trains running on time” throughout the year.  In FY 2017, our very dedicated CCAA Board members donated over 2800 hours of their free time to ensure the successful achievement of our organization’s goals, objectives and arts programs!

Our all-volunteer CCAA Board of Directors is comprised of the following positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary-Treasurer
  • Immediate President
  • Directors (up to 9)

All Board members are elected by the membership for two-year terms of office.  Elections take place during the CCAA Annual Membership Meeting held in May during odd-numbered years.  In preparation for the Board elections, a Nominating Committee is formed for the purpose of managing the recruitment process for prospective Board members.  In the event of intermittent Board vacancies taking place during the two-year term, the positions are filled with the approval of the current Board of Directors.  Potential Board members must be CCAA members in good standing (i.e., dues paid) for active consideration.

Meetings of the CCAA Board of Directors take place on a monthly basis throughout the year, including two Board all-day retreats for in-depth planning and assessment.  Board members are expected to attend Board meetings/retreats, lead or serve on at least one CCAA standing committee, and actively participate in CCAA projects and events held throughout the year.  As such, serving on the CCAA Board of Directors requires a great deal of time, commitment and dedication to be effective.


President Keith Linville
Vice-President Ron Brown
Secretary-Treasurer Cindy Johnson
Past President Gale Kladitis
Director Joselle Gilpin
Director Lew McIntyre
Director Robert G. Medley Sr.
Director Diane Rausch
Director Clarissa S. Stroud-Kemp

ROBERT K. RAUSCH – Executive Director

MARCELA CACACE – Administrative Director

MACKENZIE COULBY – ArtsFest Coordinator

ALEXANDRIA GONZALEZ – Assistant Administrative Director

Nominations are Now Closed. Nominations will reopen in 2025.


The Charles County Arts Alliance (CCAA) wants you!  If you are a leader and want to help promote the arts in our county, nominate yourself to serve on the CCAA Board of Directors! Founded in 1987, the CCAA promotes all the arts: performing, visual and literary.

What is the CCAA looking for?

The CCAA accepts self-nominations for the CCAA Board of Directors for a term of two Fiscal Years. All CCAA Board positions are volunteer. The CCAA is not seeking nominations at this time.

Do you qualify?

Individuals interested in serving on the CCAA Board of Directors must be current members of the CCAA at the time of self-nomination. As well as be current members since at least May 2024

How do I submit my self-nomination?

Please submit a typed brief written statement indicating:

  • Why you are interested in serving on the CCAA Board
  • What specific contributions you wish to make
  • Your background and/or qualifications

Send this written statement (not to exceed one page) to: with the subject line to read:  “Nomination for CCAA Board of Directors.”

What are the requirements for CCAA Board members?

CCAA Board members are expected to:

  • Commit to the mission, goals, and objectives of the Charles County Arts Alliance.
  • Commit to being a leader. CCAA Board positions are leadership positions.
  • Commit the personal time required to:
    • Serve on a “hands-on” volunteer Board
    • Serve on at least one CCAA committee
    • Attend monthly Board Meetings
    • Attend semi-annual Board Retreats
    • Participate in CCAA-sponsored events throughout the year