Arts Vision 2020

What do you envision for the arts in Charles County by the year 2020? It is a powerful question. This final report: Arts Vision 2020: A Strategic Plan for the Arts in Charles County, is the answer.

Our choice of the year 2020 as the end-date for our strategic planning effort was quite deliberate:

  • It is 9 years away from today – far enough in the future to ensure we “dream big” and set forth some exciting, ambitious goals, but not so far that we will all be dead when they come to fruition!
  • It was planned as part of our celebration of our 20th Anniversary Year for the Charles County Arts Alliance, so all the numbers match up!
  • And, if we do an outstanding job on this major effort, our vision will be perfect – it will be 20/20!

It is our greatest desire that you, our fellow citizens of Charles County, will read this final report and endorse Arts Vision 2020. We hope that our findings and recommendations resonate with you and inspire you as well. If they do, then we invite you to take action – join us and work together with us as a strong, united team in the months and years ahead as we begin to implement this exciting, creative vision of the future of the arts in Charles County. It is a very ambitious plan we, the arts community, have proposed, one that will require sustained long-term commitment and energetic support from all key sectors – local government, the business community, the educational community and the general public – in order to be successful.

With our shared spirit of cooperation, collaboration, mutual benefit and mutual respect, we are dedicated to making Charles County the very best it can be in the years ahead. Quality of life is our top priority.

View Arts Vision 2020 (13 mb)