Arts Vision 2020 Strategic Plan

In 2008, the Charles County Arts Alliance (CCAA) published the first-ever long-term strategic plan:  Arts Vision 2020:  A Strategic Plan for the Arts in Charles County, Maryland.  Publication of this important report culminated a three-year grassroots effort spearheaded by the CCAA to bring together the entire arts community in Charles County under a professional facilitator to share our hopes and dreams for a better arts and cultural environment in our county, and to determine strategic goals, objectives and recommended actions to enhance the overall arts infrastructure in Charles County through the year 2020. This strategic plan was presented to the Charles County Commissioners in a public meeting in July 2008 that was widely attended by our county arts community, and the Commissioners unanimously endorsed this plan.

Arts Vision 2020 is a 70-page comprehensive report on the “state of the arts” in Charles County and contains a total of 34 actionable recommendations in four key areas:

  • Arts Development
  • Arts Education
  • Arts Programming
  • Arts Venues and Facilities

To read or download Arts Vision 2020, please click here.

Arts Vision 2020