Waldorf Beautification Project

The Charles County Arts Alliance (CCAA) has participated in the Waldorf Beautification Project, an initiative of Charles County Commissioner Vice President Reuben Collins that has been endorsed by all County Commissioners. This purpose of this project is to instill a greater sense of community and civic pride among Waldorf residents, and improve the overall quality of life in Charles County’s most populated area, which also is the focal point for current and future development and redevelopment efforts by the Charles County Government. The Waldorf Beautification Project theme is: With Pride, We Prosper: Help Keep it Clean!

The kickoff of the Waldorf Beautification Project took place in March 2013 and CCAA President Diane Rausch served as keynote speaker. In her remarks, she noted the importance of the arts to quality of life, to economic development, and to providing a positive outlet for creative self-expression. She expressed appreciation to the County Commissioners for their leadership in building the beautiful new Waldorf West Library, an outstanding state-of-the-art facility which also is home to CCAA gallery spaces on two floors in which we showcase local visual artists in shows throughout the year. In May 2014, the kickoff for the second year of this project took place, and the CCAA was again invited to participate as a partner in this project.

Also as part of the Waldorf Beautification Project, the Charles County Government sponsors a Student Poster Contest involving K- 8th Grade students at schools across the county. Prizes and certificates are awarded for the most attractive and artistic posters depicting the project theme in three grade levels. Members of the CCAA Board of Directors serve as judges. In 2014, over 400 students participated in the Student Poster Contest, and 3 winners were selected, along with 15 honorable mentions. We were pleased to award CCAA Honorary Youth Memberships to these 18 very talented young people. The CCAA judges this year were Board members Gale Kladitis and Lorina Harris.